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  • Does the used artificial turf have lines?
    In short, yes. All artificial grass from sports fields will have painted lines from their previous use. We do however has ways of mitigating them. Some rolls will have more than others but there is no way of knowing how many or what lines are on each roll.
  • Can I remove the lines?
    Yes, you can cut out the lines when installing or we recommend using Seymour's Shrub and Bush Paint to cover the lines. The green from this paint seems to be the best match for our turf.
  • Do you deliver?
    We do not deliver. We are happy to help you load a flatbed truck or open trailer! Make sure to bring ratchet straps of some sort. Upon request, we have a list of verified 3rd party delivery services and installers.
  • Will it have the rubber?
    Yes, the used sports turf, also known as infill, may contain remnants of rubber. Removing every bit of rubber from the turf is comparable to trying to remove every grain of sand from a carpet—it's quite challenging. However, when we remove the used sports turf, we work closely with our partners to extract as much rubber infill as possible. The amount of rubber remaining can vary depending on the field, but generally, you can expect around 3-8% of rubber infill to remain. This remaining rubber infill actually benefits the turf fibers by helping them stand upright, contributing to a high-quality playing surface.
  • How should I prep the ground I plan on using?
    Weed barrier is not necessary, artificial grass will kill anything under it. If you have uneven dirt or holes over 3" we recommend pea gravel so that the turf lays evenly.
  • How do I cut or shape it to the size of my lawn?
    The best way to cut turf is with a standard utility knife or blade. Along the backside the turf is very easy to cut with a knife. We recommend cutting along the drainage holes for a more straight cut.
  • How do I move it once I get it home?
    Our professional loaders will give you tips and tricks to removing the turf rolls from your flatbed truck or trailer. Once the rolls are at your desired location we recommend use have multiple people on hand to unroll to your desired lengths and cut into smaller pieces to be carried. If cutting is not in your agenda, you can roll the rolls to the final destination.
  • Is it safe?
    Artificial grass made for sport is commercial grade and made to endure the elements, it has passed many FDA and NCDAA requirements before use. Pets, kids, and light sports use are more than safe.
  • Do you have custom sizes/ can I pick which roll I want?
    We are not able to cut custom smaller sizes. Sometimes we have smaller sizes available but we are not able to cut them smaller due to property and zoning restrictions. For safety reasons we pull turf rolls from the bottom and the front of our piles. If there is a specific roll you want, you can put a deposit down and wait until your roll is pulled.
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