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The Green Revolution: Embracing Reclaimed Artificial Turf Grass

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Artificial grass, commonly known as "astroturf", has been a game-changer for stadiums, homes, and businesses seeking that evergreen aesthetic without the regular upkeep. However, as the eco-conscious wave sweeps across industries, one trend has been catching the eye (and hearts) of many: recycled turf. And it's not just about aesthetics or maintenance; it's about sustainability and making green choices in every sense of the word.

Understanding the Rise of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass, initially synonymous with sports turf, has found its way into homes and commercial landscapes. The appeal? A pristine, green lawn throughout the year, minimal maintenance, and a solution to water scarcity issues in arid regions.

Why Reclaimed Artificial Turf is the Future

  1. Sustainable Choices: By opting for recycled turf, you're ensuring less waste goes into landfills. Every square foot of reclaimed astroturf is a step towards a more sustainable future.

  2. Cost-Efficient: Reclaimed sports turf is typically more affordable than its brand-new counterpart. So, you're not just saving the environment; you're also saving some cash!

  3. Versatility: Recycled turf can be used in various settings, from playgrounds to patios, proving its adaptability and multifunctional properties.

How Recycled Turf Compares to Traditional Astroturf

When most people hear "recycled", they might equate it with "inferior quality." But that's far from the truth. Reclaimed artificial grass can offer the same aesthetic appeal, durability, and even texture as new astroturf. Plus, with technological advancements, the process of recycling ensures that the artificial grass retains its prime features, making it almost indistinguishable from new products.

Seeking Out Quality Recycled Sports Turf

If you're considering jumping on the reclaimed turf bandwagon, it's essential to source your product from reputable dealers. Look for providers who:

  • Offer UV-resistant recycled turf.

  • Provide guarantees or warranties.

  • Have transparent sourcing and recycling processes.


Whether you're an eco-warrior or just a homeowner looking for an affordable alternative to traditional artificial grass, reclaimed astroturf might be the green solution you've been seeking. Not only does it stand toe-to-toe with its newer counterparts in terms of quality, but it also champions a sustainable cause, making it a winner in our books!

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